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Our Services

Velocity Dispatching offers an all-inclusive dispatch experience. We eliminate the communication gap between shippers/brokers and carriers while also handling administrative operations such as back-office paperwork, trip planning, credit checks, and factoring invoicing so you can focus on other aspects of your operations.

Value creation is a core service we provide. At Velocity Dispatching, we use a combination of integrative and distributive strategies to exceed your operational requirements.

Image by Adeolu Eletu
Image by Stephen Dawson

Paperwork Completion

We handle all paperwork and communication with shippers/brokers required to keep your truck moving. 

Negotiate Rates

We use a data-driven approach to negotiate the best rates so you're able to achieve your organizational goals.


Trip Planning

Strategically planned routes that place your trucks in the best areas based on your organization's capacity.

Support Services

Monthly Analytics – Credit Checks – TONU Assistance – Detention Assistance – Support w/ Roadside Assistance

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